A Bond of Trust

Long time ago, the aspiring learner sought for his master travelling miles to satisfy his quest for knowledge and wisdom. His teacher was the sum mum bonum of all he was searching for. There was a deep bond of camaraderie between them as they interacted, debated and learned together with nature as their portal and platform. Each day was a new experience of discovering and finding things. Today exuding the same spirit of competence and excellence. We as T.S.S. have achieved success with our roots firmly grounded in our age old tradition and values. It is but appropriate for us to nurture an ambience of quality, so that our students evolve with the scientific temper forged with the bonds of humanism and continue to hone their edges for their triumph. Our main task is to kindle and empower their thought process in a manner that they are able to cull out the essence and become the embodiment of wisdom.

For this we have assembled a steller faculty and a conductive learning environment. After all our students are to be the epitome of success, understanding and leadership for us, education is not an academic pursuit it is emotional social and physical commitment where every child is considered different and the difference is celebrated. At T.S.S. we believe that children are God’s gift. The teachers are facilitators, who see life is reborn each day with new questions, new ideas, new dreams and new bonds. Keeping abreast with the latest technological changes, the enablers of this institution strive to prepare its students to complete with global peers. We understand that individually each teacher of this institution may be one person to all children, but he or she is to be the world to each student. T.S.S. will continue to be the cradle of confidence and source of pride.